Team Alberta

Athletes represent Alberta with pride at the Special Olympics Canada National Games.

The Wolfpack

A History of Team Alberta

Team Alberta adopted the name the Wolfpack in 2020, and consists of athletes from across the province who come together to show the rest of the country their extraordinary abilities during the Special Olympics Canada National Games.

Team Alberta has been a strong pack for over 25 years.

Team Alberta Stats

Team Alberta has accomplished a lot over the years.

Medals won.
National Games attended.
Athletes that have been on Team Alberta.

Support Team Alberta

Draft an Athlete 2024

Looking to support Team Alberta? You can join them on their journey to National Games by drafting an athlete! Your sponsorship helps fund travel, accommodation, healthy meals, and competition costs.

Provincial Games Eligibility

The provincial games are an exciting opportunity for all athletes.  In order to be eligible to compete at Provincial Games, athletes must be a registered member with their local club and be in good standing with Special Olympics Alberta.  

Athletes will register for provincial games through their local Special Olympics program. Although some athletes compete and train in many sports, they will only be permitted to register in one sport for Provincial Games. It will be up to the athlete and their affiliate to determine which sport they will wish to compete in.

For an athlete to be eligible for Team Alberta they must meet the following criteria:

  • Be fourteen (14) years of age as of January 1 of that games year;

  • Is registered with Special Olympics Alberta and a member in good standing within the community; 

  • Is a member of an accredited Special Olympics Alberta Affiliate or Community Program; 

Have appropriate maturation based upon the following: 

  • Ability to cope with pressures involved in traveling and competition 

  • Ability to cope with being out of usual environment 

  • Have competed in Provincial Games preceding the selection of Team Alberta in that particular sport; and 

  • Secure an official endorsement from Special Olympics Alberta

Athlete Single Sport Competition

Majority of Special Olympics Albert athletes are multisport athletes.

Provincial, National, and International competitions are single sport competitions, which means that athletes can only be selected for one sport at those levels. Athletes have the authority to choose which sport they wish to compete in starting at the local and provincial level.