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Inclusive Health

Healthy Athletes

The Healthy Athletes initiative is dedicated to providing health services and education to Special Olympics athletes, and changing the way health systems interact with people with intellectual disabilities.

Strong Minds. FUNFitness. Special Smiles.

Outside of competition, Healthy Athletes emphasizes a well-rounded approach to physical activity intended to keep individuals active and healthy. 

Special Olympics has become the largest global public health organization dedicated to serving people with intellectual disabilites.

Good health improves the lives of people with intellectual disabilities (ID), and improves each Special Olympics athlete’s ability to train and compete in sports. Special Olympics works with partners, governments and policy-making organizations to ensure health services, education and opportunities reach people with ID.

Healthy Athletes

Work That Changes and Saves Lives.

Despite severe need and higher health risks, people with ID are often denied health services. There is often a misconception that the poor health of people with ID is due to their disability.

Research has shown that it is in fact a result of a breakdown in health education, health promotion, and health care. This can and should be addressed.

Over the years, Special Olympics health programs have improved the health of our athletes. In many cases, the programs have profoundly changed or saved their lives.

An inclusive health revolution

Healthy Athletes

Officially launched in 1997, Special Olympics Healthy Athletes organizes its events in a welcoming, fun environment. Its events educate athletes on healthy lifestyle choices and identify problems that may need additional follow-up.

There are seven Healthy Athletes Screenings: Fit Feet (podiatry), FUNfitness (physical therapy), Health Promotion (better health and well-being), Healthy Hearing (audiology), MedFest (sports physical exam), Special Olympics-Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes (vision), Special Smiles (dentistry).

These screenings are currently run during Major Games, Sport Competitions and Provincially run events. Supporting these screenings are Clinical Directors, who are professionals in their field and have additional training from Special Olympics to run these screenings; As well as additional trained volunteers to support all athletes participating.


Partners in Health

Hello athletes! Special Olympics Alberta is excited to introduce our Partner in Health directory. Here you can find a network of healthcare professionals across Ontario that are trained in providing proper care to individuals with intellectual disability.

Mental Heath

Mindbuffs 9 Chippewa Rd #209, Sherwood Park, AB