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This program is designed to teach the basic movements and principles in golf.




All abilities welcome!

Age: 14+

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Program Information

Program | Golf
Monday | May to June
Time: TBD

Leduc Golf Club
5725 Black Gold Drive, Leduc AB T9E 8C4

FAQ - everything you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gear and equipment do I need to have for practice?

Golf Shoes (or running shoes)
Water Bottle
-Golf Hat (optional but recommended)

Intermediate/ Advanced

Golf Shoes (or running shoes)
Water Bottle
Proper Golf Attire is Required for this Program:
-Collard Shirt/ Jacket
-Golf Shorts/Skirt/Pants (jeans are prohibitted on the golf course)
-Golf Hat (optional but recommended)

Golf Clubs/Bag: Athletes are required to bring their own clubs to this program. Please contact the office if you need assistance with find a set of clubs for the season.

At Competition:
Each player is responsible for providing his/
her own equipment, including:
• A set of clubs (including at least one
wood, one iron and one putter);
• A golf bag;
• Golf balls; and
• A pitch mark repairer

Do you need experience to participate in this sport?

No! All new and returning athletes are welcome to participate in this sport. As their knowledge and skill level of golf increases, coaches may advise the athlete to move up to the next level of programming.

Intermediate/ Advanced
Yes, this program is by coach selection only! All athletes that are in this program must complete a skill evaluation/assessment at the beginning of the season to ensure it is a good fit for them. Coaches work together to find a program that is best suited for the athlete to ensure they are benefiting from the instruction given. 

How does an athlete progress through the golf program?

As an athlete increases their knowledge and golf skills within the Beginner program, the coach will discuss moving up to the next division. Coaches of both divisions (Beginner and Intermediate) will assess the skill level of the athlete prior to any change in division. If the coaches feel as though the athlete would benefit from a higher division, they will recommend moving up. This change will typically take place the follow season, unless otherwise discussed amongst the athlete, caregiver/family member, and coaching team). Intermediate golf involves driving range, chipping & putting practice, and on-course play. Athletes entering into the Intermediate stream must have proper golf etiquette on the course, as well as maintain the pace of play. 

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Weather cancellations are determined on the day of the program. If severe weather is forecasted during program time, the program will typically be cancelled (thunderstorms, heavy smoke, etc.)

If the program does go ahead (ex. light rain), dress for the weather! Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and check the forecast.